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CodingBox is a product integrated SFP/XFP/QSFP Transceivers, an external I2C hardware interface, 3 LED indicators, digital tube internally, which is designed to provide an efficient, easy, convenient coding method for the SFP, XFP and QSFP transceivers. The I2C reading and writing function is applicable to the SFP/SFP+/SFP28, XFP, QSFP/QSFP+/QSFP28, compatible with CSFP OPTION1 and CSFP OPTION2 optical modules. Currently available features include eazy coding, I2C reading and writing, I2C test, DD ( DOM ), reading or controlling low speed logic singals, detailed parameters interpretation based on MSA, online debugging based on script. When CodingBox applied to I2C reading and writing of CSFP module, users need to specify whether the currently inserted module type is CSFP OPTION1 or CSFP OPTION2. Email our technical support team, we will provide corresponding function interface access methods, then user can read and write I2C of CSFP OPTION1 and CSFP OPTION2 module.

The important improvement of the CodingBox is the use of USB interface. Users could use our CodingBox with only a Computer and a USB data cable. You can use the supporting software, EzCoding, or even design your desired software function based on our API file. It is important that we will continue to upgrade software to meet users' needs and you can download the latest version through the SOFTWARE page.


  • Support SFP/SFP+/SFP28,XFP,QSFP/QSFP28 Module
  • I2C reading and writing
  • An external I2C hardware interface
  • Efficient coding
  • Edit and execute scripts
  • Reading or controlling low speed logic singals
  • DD ( DOM ) about bias current, Tx power, Rx power, temperature and voltage
  • I2C test
  • Compatible CSFP OPTION1, CSFP OPTION2 module I2C reading and writing
  • USB port power supply
  • Compatible with Windows 7/10 32/64bit system
  • Portable plug and play
  • The port can provide 900mA/5V current
  • Built-in blue,red and white Indicator LED
  • Built-in Digital Tube

  • To be continue

  • Error code test
  • Optional encoding template
  • customized hardware or software functions
  • And so on... ...

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