We provide a supporting software, EzCoding, with I2C read/write, code templet, lowspeed control, DOM, Explaindata, I2C test interfaces. You can get the latest version EzCoding_Setup and EzCoding Manual through the following download link. Download version V1.01.0009

Ezcoding Manual V1.01

To provide users with the ability to debug module data in real time, we design the editing and execution script interface. you can download the Script Editing Specification to learn more from the following link. Script Editing Specification V1.01

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  • Supports the entire address space transceiver by I2C
  • Save module all information as EZC file
  • Save the current interface data as hex,eep or bin file
  • Module low speed logic signal read or control
  • Module DOM Information Display
  • Detailed parameters according to the MSA code
  • Script editing and execution
  • I2C test

  • More

  • Error code test
  • Optional encoding template
  • Firmware upgrated based on our defined module firmware upgrade interface standard
  • ... ...